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Instyle Nail & Spa
  • Address:720 Celebration Ave
    Ste 130
    Kissimmee, FL 34747
  • Tel:321-939-2076
Business Hours
Mon - Fri:9:30 am - 7:30 pm
Sat:9:30 am - 7:00 pm
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Healthy Nails (Dipping Powder)

Creates strong and durable nails, and provides a natural and comfortable feeling. Stronger than acrylic, yet light-weight and transparent. Most importantly, no harmful substance or primer is applied.
Healthy Nails Full Set$40 + up
Healthy Nails Fill Ins$30 + up
Healthy Nails Pink & White Full Set$55 + up
Healthy Nails Pink & White Fill Ins $45 + up
Healthy Nails Pink Fill Ins $35 + up

Fill In

Acrylic Nails$20 + up
Gel (Powder)$25 + up
Liquid Gel$35 + up
Pink & White (Solars)$35 + up

Nail Enhancements

Coating (Overlay) Acrylic$30 + up
Acrylic Nails (Tip)$30 + up
Gel (Powder)$35 + up
Liquid Gel$50 + up
Pink & White (Solars)$45 + up
Liquid Gel  Pink & White$60 + up

Fill In (for toes)

Acrylic Nails$30 + up
Gel$40 + up
Solar$35 + up

Full Set (for toes)

Acrylic Nails (Tip)$40 + up
Gel (Powder)$55 + up
Solar$55 + up


Shellac with Manicure$30 + up
Hand$20 + up
Toes$25 + up


Nails Repair$5 + up
Nails Cut Down$5
French Manicure (Hand & Toes)$5
American Manicure (Hand)$5
American Manicure (Toes)$5
Polish Change (Hand)$10
Polish Change w/French (Hand)$12
Polish Change (Toes)$12
Polish Change w/French (Toes)$15


Eyebrow$8 + up
Lip$6 + up
Chin$8 + up
Cheeks$20 + up
Full Face$35 + up
Full Arm$35 + up
Half Arm$25 + up
Arm Pits$25 + up
Hands$15 + up
Full Legs$45 + up
Half Legs$30+ up
Feet$15 + up
Stomach$25 + up
Back$45 + up
Bikini$40+ up
Brazilian$60 + up

Gel Polish

A hybrid product that applies like polish but wears like gel; no chips, lasts longer than regular nail polish and best of all, no need for drying time!Provides a strong, natural protection with a shiny finish.
With manicure $30 + up
Without manicure $20 + up


Basic Facial$40
30 min Skin Analysis, Cleansing, Toning and Massaging


Neck & Shoulder (15 min)$20
Foot Massage  (30 min)$40

Little Princess

(10 years or younger)
Pedicure Spa$20
Pedicure & Manicure$28
Polish Change (Hands & Feet)$14